Month: January 2016

USA Olympic Training Centre

Here is the Olympic training centre for the USA Olympic team. Great facilities here and I am training of course with the team USA boxing squad! Train hard, fight...

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Team USA Olympic Facilities

Just got back from the Team USA Olympic training centre and tried these Normatec leg boots in the recovery room they have. The team USA facilities are amazing. But these leg things were painful for recovery...

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The Fighting Monkeys MMA Madness Interview

My interview from January 20th 2016; Fighter Profile Name – Chantelle Cameron Weight – 132 pounds Fighting out of Team GB Where are you from ? I am from Northampton How long have you been training ? I started kickboxing when I was 10 and started boxing at 18 when I then quit kickboxing How did you get in to boxing ? Since the age of 10 I wanted to be a fighter from being obsessed with buffy the vampire slayer & all the fighting scenes Where your family and friends supportive when you decided to pursue boxing as a career? To begin with my family didn’t want me to take up kickboxing but I wanted it so bad they gave in and let me join a local club. WIthin 6 weeks they seen how serious I was and I was quite good so they started becoming much more supportive. What is your favorite strike ? My favourite shot would be a left hook followed by a long straight powerful back hand. Who is your biggest inspiration ? My biggest inspiration is Ronda Rousey. What team do you train with ? I train with Team GB and also represent the Kettering School of boxing. What weight do you fight at ? I box at lightweight 60 kilo What separates you from other fighters in your division ? I think...

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Social Media

For those of you that wish to follow me on social media I will soon have links attached to my webpage! In the meantime please find me on Twitter and Facebook; Twitter @chantellecam Facebook Chantelle Cameron GB Boxing Instagram Chancam91...

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